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Expert Mold Remediation Services

Affordable & Effective Solutions for Mold Removal


Combatting Mold Growth with Dino626 Environmental

Are you concerned about the health implications of mold growth in your home or office? At Dino626 Environmental, we are one of the top mold removal companies dedicated to treating mold problems effectively.


We specialize in preventing mold infestations and handling all mold remediation needs, ensuring your living spaces are safe and healthy.


Mold Removal Services by Professionals

Our mold removal process is thorough and effective, designed to deal with the most severe mold removal challenges.


We eliminate all the mold, from surface mold to hidden mold in crawl spaces.


Moreover, we also focus on treating areas that may not be immediately visible but are potential hotspots for mold growth such as air ducts and HVAC systems.


Mold Remediation Process and Cost

Mold removal costs can vary, but we strive to offer a fair and competitive mold removal and remediation cost.


Our mold removal process includes a comprehensive mold assessment to determine the affected area and the extent of the mold damage.


Whether it's black mold removal or dealing with green mold, our skilled team is equipped to handle it all.

Why Choose Dino626 Environmental?

A closeup and rear view of male building inspector carrying out an indoor environmental qu

Free on-site inspection 

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