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  • Do you offer free inspections?
    We do not offer free inspections. Our inspection process involves comprehensive indoor air quality testing to identify the root of the issue, which requires the use of specialized equipment.
  • How much does an air quality test cost?
    Indoor Air Qualty testing costs vary based on the size of the area and the specific requirements. Prices generally range from $195 to $495, depending on whether you need surface or air samples and the extent of the area to be tested.
  • How quickly can you schedule an inspection?
    We strive to accommodate urgent requests and can often schedule inspections within the same day. Please contact us to check our current availability and book your inspection.
  • Can you test common areas like building hallways?
    We can only test areas that are part of your leased property. Testing common areas like building hallways requires permission from the building management.
  • What is the cost for an indoor air quality inspection?
    The cost of our services is determined by various factors, primarily the square footage of the area to be inspected and the specific purpose of the testing. For instance, the scope of inspection may vary if it's required for litigation purposes, or if a physician has ordered specific tests, or even if the inspection is aimed at identifying and solving a known problem. Therefore, to give you an accurate estimate, we encourage you to contact us directly with the details of your needs, and we would be glad to provide you with a personalized quote.
  • Does the inspection include a report?
    Yes, it does. Upon completion of the inspection, a comprehensive report of our findings will be prepared. This report includes detailed information about the indoor air quality of your property. We prioritize timely communication and thus strive to send this report to you via email within 24 hours following the inspection.
  • Can you identify the type of mold present in my home?
    Yes, we can identify the type of mold present through both air quality tests and direct sampling from the mold source. If specific medical analysis is required, we can take additional steps to ensure accurate identification.
  • How long does it take to get the results from a mold inspection?
    You will receive the report within 24-48 hours after the inspection. This report will include the findings and any necessary recommendations for remediation.
  • Can you inspect a potential home purchase for mold and air quality issues?
    Yes, we can inspect potential home purchases to ensure there are no mold or air quality issues. This service provides peace of mind before you finalize your purchase.
  • Can you identify the source of water leaks in walls and floors?
    Yes, we offer services to identify the source of water leaks in walls and floors. Contact us with details about your issue, and we will provide a quote and schedule an inspection.
  • What is included in a mold inspection report?
    A mold inspection report includes thermal and infrared imaging, moisture meter mapping, air and surface sample analysis, and a detailed summary of findings and recommendations.
  • How can I schedule an air quality test?
    You can schedule an air quality test by calling us at 347-880-2432 or emailing us at Please provide your name, address, and contact information to book a convenient time.
  • Do you conduct the NYCECC air sealing and insulation testing?
    No, we currently do not offer NYCECC air sealing and insulation testing services. Our expertise is centered around indoor air quality testing. We recommend reaching out to a service provider specialized in building compliance and energy efficiency for these specific tests.
  • If you find a problem during the inspection, do you offer a solution?
    Yes, we certainly do. Our team is skilled at providing solutions to many of the indoor air quality issues we identify. If the problem falls outside our range of expertise, we will provide you with a detailed action plan and assessment. This will enable you to engage a competent contractor who can assist you in taking the necessary next steps for remediation. Rest assured, we remain available and committed to answer all your questions throughout the remediation process, ensuring you are well-informed and confident in your path forward.
  • Are you licensed and insured?
    Yes, we are both licensed and insured. This allows us to conduct thorough and comprehensive indoor air quality testing for both residential and commercial properties. We uphold all standards and regulations related to our field of expertise to ensure that our services meet and exceed your expectations.
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